Our Philosophy

Beru Naturals

Beru Naturals is a brand that is striving to promote healthy and nutritious food lifestyle to the society. Our name itself denotes ‘Haley beru, hosa chiguru’ (meaning: old roots and new shoots). We are trying to educate people about our time tested and best proven old ways of life which our ancestors perfected over centuries and it has proven to be sustainable for a good life. Our good health sustains due to good quality food and our main focus is on healthy cooking oils as it is an integral part of our desi food. So we are offering a range of oils which have been extracted using traditional bull-driven cold pressed gaana method.

Our Products

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What Our Customers Say

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Satisfactory products. I am ordering the oils for the third time 👍

Manohar Singh March 29, 2024

Quality of product delivered.

Rashmi Nageshrao November 4, 2023

The best organic store. I'm using groundnut oil, castor oil, coconut oil all from beru naturals. Also the service is too good. They delivered oil to the place with less of time. Appreciate the quality and service.

Pavan S December 21, 2022

Thanks for providing good oils to us

Nandini KC November 6, 2022

Fully natural cold pressed oil available here which are of great quality and healthy...

Adarsh August 17, 2022

One of the best and recommended brand. Pure and authentic cold pressed oil. Have been using since last 6 months. Go for it

santhosh kumar April 22, 2022