There are different kinds of oil extraction processes including wood pressed, cold pressed, rotor driven by electricity, refining and many more. But the best proven method to retain all the nutrients in the oil has been our age-old, time-tested and traditional bull-driven cold–pressed oil extraction process.

Advantages of our bull-driven cold-pressed oil extraction method over other extraction methods.

  • Beru
  • Others
Advantages BeruOthers
Environment Friendly
Cold Pressed OilsTruly Cold PressedNot Entirely Cold Pressed
Moisture Free
Chemical-Free Processing
Residue Free Oil
Carbon FootprintNegligibleHigh Carbon Emissions

Nutrients Retained

Truly cold pressed oil, the temperature remains as per the environmental temperature. The gaana is driven by bulls revolving around slowly, this makes sure that the nutrients are not denatured and are intact in the oils.

Chemical Free Process

It is a chemical free process as only the force created by the bulls revolving is used for the extraction.

Desi Bulls

Hallikar desi breeds of bulls are used, hence this breed is saved from slaughter houses and breed extinction.

Low Carbon Footprint

Negligible amount of carbon foot print is created as the transport of raw materials and products involves fossil fuel transport. No other form of carbon emission-energy source or method is used for the process.

Parts Of The Gaana

Solar Dryer House

For Storage
  • A structure constructed using paper –based polysheets to trap optimum amount of sunlight which in turn can dry the materials stored.
  • The dryer house is placed on stilts of 1 foot for easy aeration and drying.
  • Oils are kept inside the dryer for the removal of excess of moisture and for the settlement of residue without the use of any kind of chemicals.
  • Drying of raw materials periodically keeps the raw materials away from fungal attacks and spoilage due to other factors. This helps in avoiding the use of chemical preservatives.